About Robert J. Pape Jr.

Robert J. Pape Jr. served as a leading attorney in New York for over two decades before he shifted his focus to fundraising and financial management for multiple not-for-profit organizations. In his law practice, Pape led the groundbreaking legal initiative Matter of Marcus, which represented a major victory for both client and firm and had significant impact on existing law and its interpretation by the courts. Robert J. Pape Jr. also established an estate litigation practice group at a New York law firm to eliminate the outsourcing of this function to outside firms. This new practice generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in fee income after only four years. Outside of his successful law career, Robert J. Pape Jr.’s dedication to community service has also garnered respect. In addition to working for several institutions devoted to youth and education, Pape continues to serve as a chaplain and volunteer fireman with the Port Washington Fire Department. Pape was among the first to respond to the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City. He is a New York state-licensed Emergency Medical Technician. Robert J. Pape Jr. is also an active member of St. Peter of Alcantara Church. Pape worked hard in raising funds to create a social ministry facility for the church parish. This project included several campaigns to fund drives to purchase family supplies and holiday presents and to establish a job bank that has aided several dozen people in finding employment. Additionally, the project allowed for the construction of a food pantry that serves 260 people per month. Pape received the Pius XII Medal from the Diocese of Rockville Centre for his involvement with the church and community. Pape has also worked for the Boy Scouts of America as a Director and Regional Endowment Counsel for the Northeast Region. In this capacity, Robert J. Pape Jr. coordinated millions of dollars in donations and endowment on the regional and national level. Pape also worked with the Institute for Student Achievement in Lake Success, New York, coordinating fundraising, grant writing, and appeal campaigns.

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